Legal Nurse Consultant Services

Dennis Collins RN MSN (Ed.), LNCC, MBA

The medical record is your most valuable asset in any case where health or medical services are an issue! I can help you to interpret the record to your best advantage!

I am able to provide consulting services to either plaintiff or defense. I can provide my services for attorneys, insurance companies and healthcare facilities.

Please see my C.V. –With over 40 years of full time healthcare experience, my background is extensive and I can offer rates for my services that are extremely competitive with many of my less academically or experientially qualified peers.

The services of a highly experienced Legal Nurse Consultant can provide you with a cost-effective, competitive edge in any case where health or medical concerns are an issue.


Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Record Review- I have both experience and certification in clinical documentation review.
  • Identify and interpret the medical record.
  • Prepare and explain the chronology of medical events
  • Summarize and translate the medical record
  • Screen medical-related cases for merit (saving you considerable funds and time!)
  • Identify deviations from applicable standards of care
  • Develop written case analysis reports, including research from relevant professional texts and literature.
  • Identify issues with evidence gathering or forensic related concerns
  • Locate and/or screen potential testifying experts
  • Serve as an expert witness and testify to applicable nursing standards of care
  • Assist with exhibit issues and demonstrative evidence
  • Attend Independent Medical exams (IMEs)
  • Provide valuable insight into the medical facts surrounding a case

The medical record is the most valuable source of information concerning your case! It is as significant for what it does not show as it is what it shows. A highly experienced nurse consultant can help you in that area.
Please allow me to put my experience and skills to work for you!


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